Building Your Home: One-Storey or Double-Storey?

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Building Your Home: One-Storey or Double-Storey?

Building Your Home: One-Storey or Double-Storey?

constructing a houseOne of the many advantages of building a new home is having the freedom to create a floor plan that suits the needs of your family. From the number of rooms to the position of the kitchen and bathroom, you are in control of the overall layout and style.

When it comes to choosing the design, however, you’ll face a big decision: Will you go for a single-storey or double-storey house? Whether a high-set design is better than low-set will depend primarily on your stage of life, the location of your house, your block size, and your personal taste.

Here are a few tips to help you make this important decision:

Consider Your Stage of Life

Single-story houses are popular among families with young children, as the structure makes it easier for them to keep an eye on their kids. Retirees also prefer single story homes, as there are no stairs to worry about. Bigger families and those with older kids, however, can benefit from a high-set design as it provides a better separation of living areas.

Check Your Location

If you plan to live in the city, particularly in the inner and middle suburbs where the costs of land are high, home experts and some companies offering affordable new home building recommend a double-storey house. There is great interest in high-set houses, as more and more buyers realise that they are more cost-efficient to build than low-set homes.

Think About Your Block Size

Your block size has a big impact on the style of the home you plan to build. The average home site in most cities in Australia is just about 400 square metres. To maximise square footage, many homeowners build a double-story house. Double-storey homes also leave plenty of room for a garden or backyard swimming pool.

Whatever style you choose—whether one-storey or two-storey—put the interest of your family first. Choose a design that will benefit them best.

Video Ads: Sparking Conversations and Curiosity

Video Ads: Sparking Conversations and Curiosity

One of the most effective ways to reach your target audience is to create videos that grab their attention. These must be well crafted to make them curious about your product or brand, which will widen your customer base. Making this happen is possible if your videos align with your advertising goals.

MediaPrepare to Impress

It’s the general habit of viewers, whether in Brisbane or Berlin, to share videos they find interesting. This makes it important that you hire a reputable advertising agency known for creating successful video ads. Their team will work with you to figure out how to increase viewership and improve the quality of leads for each ad.

Make It Big on YouTube

Each month, YouTube attracts more than a billion users. This provides boundless opportunities to widen your online presence. Standing out, however, is a different matter. Form a strategy with your trusted advertising agency with their specialists to determine which techniques will distribute videos effectively and get a lot of views.

Learn from Virals

Becoming popular on YouTube and getting more than a thousand views on your video is possible. Learn from one of Superbowl’s most successful ads, such as Cheerios, a cereal company. Cheerios released an ad featuring an interracial family, which connected the breakfast staple with a bonding moment. It also tackled racial issues that caused a buzz online.

Brainstorm with advertisers about creating a plan of action with the right tools and budget. Creating ads the Cheerios way – involving matters that your target audience cares about – can generate conversations about your brand.

Create and Test Videos

Think of different scenarios you can create for a particular product or campaign. Advertising specialists will craft storyboards according to your project requirements. Finished videos can get ratings from a test audience who’ll submit critiques about each video. Their feedback will help improve your campaigns before you show them on YouTube and other websites.

Cents and Sensibility: Five Business Lessons from Top Billionaires

Cents and Sensibility: Five Business Lessons from Top Billionaires

businessman with globe in handAlmost everybody dreams of being in the same league as Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, and Gina Rinehart—some of the world’s top billionaires. Many of these businesspeople weren’t handed their fortunes on a silver platter. Instead, they worked very hard to build their empires. These people have a few special traits in common, traits you probably have.

With the hopes of inspiring the businessman in you, here are some traits slash life lessons you can learn from some of the world’s top billionaire.

Everybody has to Start Somewhere

Most self-made billionaire weren’t born with all their riches. They were born just like you. What made them successful is their desire to be exceptional. You don’t become rich overnight. You have to start small, and keep at it.

Go Big or Go Home

Billionaires take calculated risk. Once business gets going, you don’t just think of the possible profits, you also think about the future. Though you started from scratch, you should dream big and work towards achieving it. You get advice from professional business advisors and industry experts, and take chances. The ability of Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and other successful business magnates to take calculated risks is one of the reasons they emerged as billionaires.

Competition Keeps You Alive

“When somebody challenges you, fight back. Be brutal, be tough,” as Donald Trump said. Most people won’t be very open to competition, but billionaires thrive in this kind of environment. Treat your competition as a boost factor in your drive for success. Competitions bring out the best in people, so go look for it.

Focus Gets You to Places

Many of today’s billionaires are focused in specific industries. They didn’t try to conquer several industries at once; they focused on one. Setting your eyes on a single main goal is what gets you to places. Work with any reliable business advisor to keep you and your business on track. Focus on your niche and strive to be the best at it.

Thrive on Criticism

As Bill Gates once said, “Embrace bad news to learn where you need the most improvement.” You don’t get to the top without making a few enemies and facing a few criticisms. Don’t shy away from these, though. Instead, use these criticisms as a feedback to improve yourself.

Everybody has the ability to become successful in their own field. You just need the right attitude, advice, acumen and a bit of luck.