What You should know before installing a Carpet in the Office

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What You should know before installing a Carpet in the Office

What You should know before installing a Carpet in the Office

An office represents your business; in many cases, it serves as the face of your entire enterprise. So it’s normal to think of ways to make it more functional and presentable to employees and guests. The flooring, for instance, occupies one of the biggest spaces in its interiors. It could affect the overall appearance of your office. If you’re planning to install a carpet, you should read the following guide to help you get started:

Sound Control

Office with carpeted flooringNoise is among the most common sources of distraction. Shuffling feet, falling objects, and wheeled items like office chairs generate louder sounds on non-carpeted areas. This is why installing carpets could improve the productivity of your employees.

Carpets have acoustic properties that control sound levels and echoes, but their use isn’t only limited to flooring. It’s also possible to install carpeting on the wall, although you have to be careful where you do it because you wouldn’t want to attract more dirt indoors.


According to a survey developed for the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Economics Department, carpets have a lifespan of about 11 years. Depending on the amount of traffic, fiber quality, and installation, however, these may or may not reach the expected lifespan. Whether you’re installing new flooring or simply replacing it, it’s important to buy from a reliable supplier offering professional installation if you want your carpets to last longer.

Proper Maintenance

As you’ve decided on carpeting the office, you now have a new responsibility, which is to get it cleaned at least every two to six months. According to a study conducted by Dr. Charles Gerba, a microbiology researcher at the University of Arizona, shoes carry more than 420,000 units of bacteria, including hazardous levels of E. coli bacteria. People working in your office come from different places, and their shoes could bring together microorganisms that might put people’s health at risk.

Carpets have different uses that commercial establishments might find beneficial. Take note of this guide to have an idea about the benefits and the responsibilities that come with its installation.

Researchers: Interbreeding Between Humans, Neanderthal Possible

Researchers: Interbreeding Between Humans, Neanderthal Possible

neanderthalsResearchers found a unique ear formation in a skeleton of an ancient human in China—the inner ear is much like that of a Neanderthals’, the closest extinct relative of humans.

The new findings on the recent re-examination of a 100,000-year-old human skull could be an evidence of interbreeding between Neanderthals and archaic humans in China.

The fossilized skull was found at the Xujiayao site in China’s Nihewan Basin.

Unusual Temporal Bone

Researchers at the Washington University in St. Louise conducted the study. The micro-CT scans of the fossilized bone found in the 1970s revealed the interior formation of an unusual temporal bone, which experts thought occur only in Neanderthals.

Typical of a Neanderthal

“We were completely surprised,” study co-author Erik Trinkaus, PhD, anthropology professor at Washington University in St. Louis, said. “We fully expected the scan to reveal a temporal labyrinth that looked much like a modern human one, but what we saw was clearly typical of a Neandertal.”

“The discovery places into question a whole suite of scenarios of later Pleistocene human population dispersals and interconnections based on tracing isolated anatomical or genetic features in fragmentary fossils,” he added.

Finding the Perfect Spot for You in a Busy and Expensive City

Finding the Perfect Spot for You in a Busy and Expensive City

house and land propertiesMelbourne is one of the best cities for home ownership in Australia because, well, it ranks as the number one most liveable city in the world. People are flocking to the city, and for good reason. This, though, is not without its cons. More people means there are more choosing to live near the Central Business District. Although some might think this may cause a shortage in house and land properties in Melbourne, worry not, because there are other suburban hotspots worth considering.

What is a Hotspot?

Hotspots are areas close to traditional blue-chip locations, but haven’t attracted that much attention quite just yet. When properties become too expensive, people normally look at these neighbouring areas. This results in a positive outward ripple effect, making once unpopular suburbs gain traction. Here are some important things to know before buying property in a hotspot area.

Find a Hidden Gem

Try to find a property with good buying value and one that is positioned well. Sometimes, a little patience is all it takes to get a good deal. You can buy a cheaper property that needs some to save money. Renovation cost may add up over time, though, so give this plan careful thought before moving forward.

Near Employment Opportunities

Avoid settling in a location that is too far away from commercial zones with business spaces and other establishments. It’s important to have access to various employment opportunities that are near you. Do your research and find a place that has potential to grow and prosper over time.

Infrastructure Expansion

Even if you’re looking for a place in the suburbs, it’s important that the location be accessible to highways, arterial roads, and other links to the city centre. Check if there are planned developments and infrastructure improvements. These are indications that the area is expanding and on the way up.

Don’t just choose the cheapest property you come across. Always decide with open eyes and a sound mind. Focus on the property you’re eyeing, not just the hotspot where it belongs. This way, you have assurance that you’re making an intelligent decision that will benefit you in the long run.