Spotting A Counterfeit Coin

For millennia, exchange was made based on an object’s intrinsic value. Societies used to trade tools, barley, precious metals, or other useful materials instead of cash. In Mesopotamia and Egypt, precious metals took over early money production, including gold and silver coins.

Nowadays, a coin collector should be vigilant when purchasing new silver coins. Many individuals counterfeit rare coins for profit, or even as a hobby. Some counterfeit coins are manufactured to look so entirely genuine that an untrained observer will not be able to recognize the difference between the real thing and a fake. If you are just starting your coin collection, here are a few tips for spotting a counterfeit.


If you are clueless about what an authentic coin looks like, it is practically impossible to tell the difference. Search for a clear and detailed genuine photograph of the coin you would like to verify. Compare the front and back of your coin to the image. Although subtle differences may be detected, a counterfeit coin shows obvious errors. Try purchasing a coin identification book for verifying the authenticity of your coins.


Observe the way the coin feels. Counterfeit coins feel more slippery and slick because of substandard production methods. Dents on the coin indicate errors that occurred during the manufacturing of the counterfeit coin. Notice the date of your coin. Counterfeit coins display a distinctive irregularity in the date, appearing misshapen or crooked. Other details that may give away the nature of your coin are the size of stars, position of date, hairstyle of the icon printed on the coin, font of the words embossed, and more.

Check the coin’s edges. Genuine coins have thin, even edges around the coin, while counterfeits will sport abnormally thick edges or have none at all.

If you still suspect a coin of being a counterfeit, try having a trained numismatist or coin collector verify your coin in person. There are many online sellers providing silver coins and gold bars for sale, as well as other precious metals. Search online for a reputable jeweler or visit Atkinsons The Jewellers.